Lets be honest we all know what plagiarizing is. It basically the use of someone else’s work in  which you use as your own. I think this is a major issue concerning the internet and the society. We all as students have copied written work from other people, and copied and pasted it to change it to our own words. The internet has made it so much easier for us to plagiarize others information. I think that plagiarizing is very dishonest.  I think some people only do it because they do a assignment at the last minute. Some just simply do not want to do their work. Either way it is dishonest and we should not steal other work, and make it our own. A lot of school in the United State  use the website ” Turn It In” its a site where you can turn in your term papers. After your paper is submitted the site checks for plagiarism on your paper. At the end it gives you a percentage on how much it thinks that you plagiarized.  I think that this makes it a lot easier for professors and teachers to grade papers. As we all know there are many different ways that we can plagiarize. Here is a site that can tell you about it a little bit more.


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