Crimes on the internet

Crimes on the internet
I think the internet is really a bad and destructive place if you think about it. Everything can happen fraud, hacking, pirating, cyber-crimes, and whole lot more. We can’t avoid these things ever. The most important one I think is hacking. Hacking is a serious thing it’s basically not giving anyone their privacy. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 hackers in this world. It scary to think that there are people out their everyday doing this stuff. There was a Canadian teenager who was only 15 at the time brought down sites like Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon. He hacked into 75 computers in 52 different networks. You wouldn’t think that someone with the age of 15 could do something like this. So age can vary on who hacks a website. These kids and adults think that this is something that is fun to do but in reality it’s not. It’s an invasion of privacy and our rights should be protected. It is said that it is quite easy to hack into someone’s profile. I have had this happen to me many times with Myspace and Facebook. I had to delete my account because they were going in and looking into my profile. Here are some ways to try to prevent hacking.


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  1. summerlinerin · October 13, 2014

    I agree that crime on the internet is widespread and a terrible thing. There doesn’t seem to be much we can do to stop it without taking away rights from law abiding citizens. I felt that the wiki on how to prevent hacking was very helpful and I think it’s sad that even people like us have to worry about people hacking into our profiles. I read just the other day that about 200,000 photos were to be leaked from the app Snap Save, which saves pictures from Snapchat. These are all private photos, a lot of which belong to minors, that may put people into compromising positions if leaked. Hopefully in the future we can find a way to stop internet hacking and keep the integrity of our freedom strong.


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