Is it legal to remix muisc

Is it legal to remix music?
DJ’s and people who love music remix songs all the time. It is a part of what they do. They take another person’s song and make it hip and cool. They basically are using someone else’s work when they are remixing it. Most artist have their own protection rights to their music. Some do not have copyright protection. I think that if you are going to use some other artist song you should at least buy their song first. That way you can say that you did not steal the song or illegally download it. The best way to get credit for your remix is to make sure you obtain permission from the copyright holder. There should always at least be two copyrights. One for the song and the record that it was made on. I think that 90% of the time you are not going to get caught, not unless you do it for money. That is when you need to worry about it. If you plan to remix your music in a bar or club setting. You should probably make sure that you have the performance rights. Here is a site that will tell you more about whether or not it is legal to remix music.


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