Legal Issues

There are many legal issues involving the internet. Cybercrime would probable be the main one that I can think of. Cybercrime can include ” phishing” and identity theft. For those of you who don’t know phishing occurs when an email  that looks legit, usually spam, ask for a users private information. I think that most of us can agree this has happened to all of us. Some ways that you can tell whether or not it is a scam or not is the spelling, also you can call and check the company number.  Try to watch out for the things. It can include your username, password, or even your bank or credit card information. Identity theft is another legal issue. This is where an individual obtains your information and uses it to get credit, purchase goods or services, or to commit other crimes. A Indiana woman was sentenced for filing false claims for refunds. She used social security numbers of other individuals both living and deceased. She prepared fraudulent forms W-2 and used this information to file false tax returns. She was sentenced for 41 months in prison. I think that it is pretty low to do that to people who aren’t even living. I think the internet can bring out the worst in people sometimes. Here are some tips to help avoid internet scams.


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  1. ceboone030294 · November 10, 2014

    I had no idea how much of a problem phishing actually was till I did some research on it. Honestly I didn’t even know what phishing actually was. It’s scary to think how these scammers can make a fake email look like an official and legit email. Phishing reminds us that we are at risk every time we log on to the internet and must remember to read the fine print. AS long as we take the time to read our emails and look for the warning signs of phishing we will decline our chances of being scammed over the internet.


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