Social Issues

Since we were all about 10 we have been exposed to the internet. We face both positive and negative social effects. Some negative effects internet addiction, loss of formal writing skills. I think that we are not aware of the safety aspect of getting on the internet. We are exposed to chat rooms, Facebook, and twitter. Some don’t realize that putting your information on social websites can be dangerous. Socially I think that internet addiction is a really big problem. I remember that my mom was always on the computer playing games, getting on Facebook etc. The first thing she would do when she got home was get on the computer, and that was were she stayed for the rest of the day. It ran her life.  This was also before we had smartphones. So I think internet addiction is a big a negative social effect. I also think that we begin to loose writing skills. Everything we do now is on the computer, we don’t write our own papers anymore. Some positive  social effects on the internet include being accessible to all kinds if information around the world, also sources for teaching and learning, and we can also learn about cultural background of different countries. I think the internet has very many positive effects as it does negative.



  1. summerlinerin · October 26, 2014

    I agree that internet addiction can become a real problem. I know that I have family members that have experienced this as well and it affects everyone around them. Another form of technological addiction is gaming addictions, which are more easily accessible because of the internet. Some people might dismiss it as laziness or lack of ambition but I think that people can get addicted to technology just as badly as they can get addicted to alcohol or drugs.


  2. jolee357951 · November 2, 2014

    Its true that the internet has become a real problem for some people. It is ruining personal relationships. So much drama can get started because of the internet. People start talking bad about other people and then they are no longer friends. It is also true that peoples writing skills are going down the drain. They start writing in text speak and start cutting words down and only using letters. It is becoming a real issue in the academic world. My mom also became addicted in a way. She cannot put down her phone whenever she plays candy crush. She is totally addicted to it.


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