Is Social Media Good or Bad?


Social media is a good thing or a bad thing? Everyone always ask that question. Everyone has their opinion on this. I think social media is good and bad they both have their flaws. Social media is good in many ways. For one, social networks like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram start a place for you to connect with your friends. They allow you to talk to them whenever you can’t see them or have been away for a long time like college. They have allowed us to build stronger relationships with our friends. Also it is good for business. We really don’t understand how crucial social media is to our lives. These business use different techniques to promote their products or brands online. Instagram is a great example because they advertise products for instance clothes is a really big thing. Although social media can be good it can lead to some negative effects. Studies have shown that it leads to addiction. Which is very true. I am always on Instagram, and Facebook all the time but I’m not addicted to it. I am just on it whenever I can get a break. It also has reduced human interaction. I think that we can all agree that we much rather be on our phones then be stuck in an awkward situation. I think that social media is good and bad. I think there really is no in between.


Legal Issues

There are many legal issues involving the internet. Cybercrime would probable be the main one that I can think of. Cybercrime can include ” phishing” and identity theft. For those of you who don’t know phishing occurs when an email  that looks legit, usually spam, ask for a users private information. I think that most of us can agree this has happened to all of us. Some ways that you can tell whether or not it is a scam or not is the spelling, also you can call and check the company number.  Try to watch out for the things. It can include your username, password, or even your bank or credit card information. Identity theft is another legal issue. This is where an individual obtains your information and uses it to get credit, purchase goods or services, or to commit other crimes. A Indiana woman was sentenced for filing false claims for refunds. She used social security numbers of other individuals both living and deceased. She prepared fraudulent forms W-2 and used this information to file false tax returns. She was sentenced for 41 months in prison. I think that it is pretty low to do that to people who aren’t even living. I think the internet can bring out the worst in people sometimes. Here are some tips to help avoid internet scams.

Social Issues

Since we were all about 10 we have been exposed to the internet. We face both positive and negative social effects. Some negative effects internet addiction, loss of formal writing skills. I think that we are not aware of the safety aspect of getting on the internet. We are exposed to chat rooms, Facebook, and twitter. Some don’t realize that putting your information on social websites can be dangerous. Socially I think that internet addiction is a really big problem. I remember that my mom was always on the computer playing games, getting on Facebook etc. The first thing she would do when she got home was get on the computer, and that was were she stayed for the rest of the day. It ran her life.  This was also before we had smartphones. So I think internet addiction is a big a negative social effect. I also think that we begin to loose writing skills. Everything we do now is on the computer, we don’t write our own papers anymore. Some positive  social effects on the internet include being accessible to all kinds if information around the world, also sources for teaching and learning, and we can also learn about cultural background of different countries. I think the internet has very many positive effects as it does negative.

Crimes on the internet

Crimes on the internet
I think the internet is really a bad and destructive place if you think about it. Everything can happen fraud, hacking, pirating, cyber-crimes, and whole lot more. We can’t avoid these things ever. The most important one I think is hacking. Hacking is a serious thing it’s basically not giving anyone their privacy. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 hackers in this world. It scary to think that there are people out their everyday doing this stuff. There was a Canadian teenager who was only 15 at the time brought down sites like Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon. He hacked into 75 computers in 52 different networks. You wouldn’t think that someone with the age of 15 could do something like this. So age can vary on who hacks a website. These kids and adults think that this is something that is fun to do but in reality it’s not. It’s an invasion of privacy and our rights should be protected. It is said that it is quite easy to hack into someone’s profile. I have had this happen to me many times with Myspace and Facebook. I had to delete my account because they were going in and looking into my profile. Here are some ways to try to prevent hacking.

Is it legal to remix muisc

Is it legal to remix music?
DJ’s and people who love music remix songs all the time. It is a part of what they do. They take another person’s song and make it hip and cool. They basically are using someone else’s work when they are remixing it. Most artist have their own protection rights to their music. Some do not have copyright protection. I think that if you are going to use some other artist song you should at least buy their song first. That way you can say that you did not steal the song or illegally download it. The best way to get credit for your remix is to make sure you obtain permission from the copyright holder. There should always at least be two copyrights. One for the song and the record that it was made on. I think that 90% of the time you are not going to get caught, not unless you do it for money. That is when you need to worry about it. If you plan to remix your music in a bar or club setting. You should probably make sure that you have the performance rights. Here is a site that will tell you more about whether or not it is legal to remix music.

Net neutrality

The internet is a big part of my life. There is not a day that goes by when I am not using the internet. You can access any content on the internet that you want. It is always wide open and free, you can pretty much do anything you want. Whether it be social media like Instagram, twitter, and facebook. Which is kind of scary to me. I am on it all the time, it is scary to think what people are trying to do while you are on there. They can access anything that you want. I think that net neutrality is not playing a big factor in the internet today. I think that the government needs to come up with better laws to keep the internet a safe and secure environment. They need to do something quick, I think that it is getting out of hand and people should be informed. We should be entitled to our free speech. Here is a site that can inform you about how net neutrality effects us all. Verizon was effected by net neutrality they do not agree with it at all this site will explain why.



Lets be honest we all know what plagiarizing is. It basically the use of someone else’s work in  which you use as your own. I think this is a major issue concerning the internet and the society. We all as students have copied written work from other people, and copied and pasted it to change it to our own words. The internet has made it so much easier for us to plagiarize others information. I think that plagiarizing is very dishonest.  I think some people only do it because they do a assignment at the last minute. Some just simply do not want to do their work. Either way it is dishonest and we should not steal other work, and make it our own. A lot of school in the United State  use the website ” Turn It In” its a site where you can turn in your term papers. After your paper is submitted the site checks for plagiarism on your paper. At the end it gives you a percentage on how much it thinks that you plagiarized.  I think that this makes it a lot easier for professors and teachers to grade papers. As we all know there are many different ways that we can plagiarize. Here is a site that can tell you about it a little bit more.

Issues with the internet

The main current issue in the internet today is privacy. Anything you put on the internet about yourself can be a huge risk. There are thousands of databases and websites that make it easy for people to see what you have done wrong or right. Information about yourself  on a website can sometimes be leaked. You may think that your information is secure, but be careful sometimes it is not. I post things all the time on Facebook, I never really put personal information about myself on their because I am afraid my information can still be accessible to people on my account. So just be careful what you post on your social media accounts. I feel that identity  theft is a major problem today in this world all because of the internet. Identity theft is basically where people use your information they got from the internet to purchase things online. If we could find more ways to make the internet more secure with our personal information we wouldn’t have problems with this like we do. All I can say is make sure that you are on a reliable site when you put your credit card information on their.